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From the minds of the Urban Miner, Design Garbologist, Experienced Entrepreneur and Venture Builder. The etsaW team bring deep and broad knowledge across whole ecosystems and insights into circular innovation opportunities.

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etsaW Ventures turns ONE!

September 22, 2023


by Nick Wall

etsaW Ventures celebrates 1 year in business! Nick Wall, CEO & Founder, reflects on his journey todate and future aspirations

Another big WIN for etsaW's wider family: Marina Tex wins Disruptor of the Year Award!

September 21, 2023


Massive congratulations to Lucy Hughes and wider team for winning the prestigious Disruptor of the Year Award at the 2023 National Maritime SME Awards - representing and recognising the etsaW Venture Studio

Matt Clouter joins etsaW for a 6 weeks internship

September 20, 2023


by Matt Clouter

etsaW was delighted to welcome Matt for 6 weeks this summer. Please read his blog to find out more about it!

etsaW's family celebrates success with Uplift360 receiving full support from Ministry of Defence

September 5, 2023


Great coverage of the amazing work being done by Uplift360 and their work to fully recover technical fibres in body armour. We are proud to have them in the etsaW Ventures family and be invested in this amazing company that is going from strength to strength!

Every Dimension Podcast: Nick Wall on Designing Our Way Out of Catastrophe

June 21, 2023



We talk about learning how to buy design well through trial and error. We also note those selling design need to be able to recognise the type of client they have. Some need the whole creative process but some just need help landing their own creative thoughts...

Time to Change: Unlocking the Circular Economy

May 30, 2023


Dr. David Greenfield

It’s been 13 years since the circular economy, in its current form, was launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In that time, it’s gone from concept to EU law, and is embedded in our own UK resources and waste management strategy; but what does it actually mean in terms of waste management?

We need to extract more materials from waste streams and do it faster

May 11, 2023


Sophie Thomas

With the rise of start-ups looking into new materials, the age-old saying “where there’s muck, there’s brass” is having its moment once again, except the brass is now made of collagen, chitin, indium, cellulose, and all sorts of interesting and valuable ingredients.

David Greenfield announced as CIWM's next Junior Vice President

April 20, 2023



David said of his appointment: “I am delighted to be appointed to the CIWM Presidential Team as Junior Vice President (elect) during the Institution’s 125th year. With a long history of supporting the sector and a thousands-strong community of experts, CIWM is uniquely placed to drive change, lead the transition to a circular economy and, ultimately, move the world beyond waste. I am excited to be a part of it and can’t wait to get started.”

Venture Studio meets Circular Economy

November 6, 2022


Patrick Montague

How do we fund ideas that will ignite the circular economy? The Venture Studio model is fairly new to the stage of investment but the model is taking off fast. In this first insight, our Venture Specialist Patrick Montague talks about why this investment model is a great way to fuel new businesses that are working to disrupt the linear economy.

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast: Sophie Thomas on the Circular Economy

October 20, 2022



The idea of creating a Circular Economy, or at least a more circular economy, has been around for over 30 years. The need is obviously becoming more pressing as circularity is one of the tools that can help tackle the climate emergency we’ve created. Even without starring down the barrel of that particular gun, does is not make common sense to use our finite resources more wisely and place more value on them?

Circular Economy Podcast: Sophie Thomas

December 1, 2019



Sophie explains the importance of thinking about the system you are designing for, not just the object or product itself. We talk about why it is important to design for more than one product life – not just designing for better recycling, but thinking about the 3rd and 4th lives of the product.