by Nick Wall
September 22, 2023

etsaW Ventures turns ONE!

Happy 1st Birthday etsaW Ventures Studio 🎉

If someone had told me three years ago, as I finalised the sale of Tails Cocktails to Bacardi after a decade, my next chapter would be at the cutting edge of #climatetech solutions, specifically in waste and material innovation, even with my glass always half full, I would have been both bemused and amazed.

But then I am driven by curiosity and passion. I had started to take a serious interest in sustainability and it took, inter alia, a baseball cap made out of discarded fishing gear to light my latest lightbulb. The future (and mine) was waste innovation and circular economics.

So I studied #circulareconomics to specialist level, but was very aware this can be a deeply technical subject and as always in business it is about your team. So a huge thank you to my co-founders Dr David Greenfield, Sophie Thomas and Patrick Montague for collectively building and launching etsaW Venture Studio 12 months ago.

And what a year we’ve had! We’ve raised capital, our team has grown to include Isabelle Linden (ChPP), Kate Gräfe and Thea Brook. We have an office in Soho (come say hi). We have an incredible array of super star advisors including Gordon Harris FRSA, Fiona Charnley, Claire Potter, Julie Hill, Christopher Box, Claire Sparrow, Dr Sally Beken, Fellow IOM3 and Tom Marchant thank you for joining our journey…… incredible strategic partnerships on the way.

And the first two companies we work with Uplift360 and MarinaTex have literally rocketed since we got involved. Huge congratulations to Sam Staincliffe, Jamie Meighan, Lucy Hughes and your teams. We are seriously enjoying the multiple awards and achievements 👏 Can’t wait for your next chapters.

etsaW have also spent months building our own tools and data to evaluate the most opportunistic areas to develop circular #innovation, as we look to focus on internally advancing multiple extraction technologies within #waste #etsaw. We are also working on AI to accelerate R&D to get our products to market even faster. The #climate clock ticks heavier every day. The world needs innovators and supportive capital to create scalable impact solutions. Watch this space, we are seriously motivated to catalyse circularity and if we can do this in year 1…….the sky is the limit…