by Matt Clouter
September 20, 2023

Matt Clouter joins etsaW for a 6 weeks internship

Over the past 6 weeks I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to complete an
internship with etsaW Ventures as a circular economy researcher assistant. During my
internship, I was tasked with researching and then presenting to the team my findings on
different waste products that have exciting uses for the future, especially with increased
innovation in the capturing and extraction of these otherwise waste products. I have been
passionate about the circular economy for a number of years now, so I was delighted to be
able to do some extensive research around the subject. The projects I was tasked with were
interesting and have made me even more excited to begin my Masters as it will give me the
opportunity to develop some of the skills, I learnt from the experts during my time with

The team were really welcoming and supportive from the very first day and throughout the 6
weeks, from answering WhatsApp messages and emails to taking time out of their busy
schedules for zoom calls and even let me come to the stunning Soho office on a weekly
basis. Where I saw first-hand the great collaboration and operations of the inspiring team in
an industry I hope to be in soon.
I would like to thank David Greenfield, Isabelle Linden, Nick Wall, Sophie Thomas, and Thea
Brook for helping me get the most I possibly could out of the 6 weeks through the projects I
was tasked with as well as the insight into how great the sustainability and circular industry