A pile of e-waste with broken and shredded wires and cables.


We combine decades of sustainable and circular economic understanding to catalyse impact for people, planet and profit.

We aim to build the businesses and innovations of tomorrow reducing the circularity gap of our world. All our technologies have a direct impact in addressing waste and helping the world reduce GHGs whilst advancing the UN SDGs ambition.

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We are now time critical.

With growing extraction costs, volatile supply chains and markets and the unfolding emergency of climate change, it is time to redesign our basic systems of demand and supply, manufacture and disposal.

"91.4% of all material extracted and used globally are wasted."

CEG report 2021

Paradigm shifts are urgently required. We need disruptive business practice and innovation in global resource use. And we need them now. We believe the future lies in a transition away from this current unsustainable linear economic model of ‘take, make, waste’ to one where resources are valued and kept in use for longer, where waste is designed out and is no longer acceptable and where business regenerates and enhances our planet’s natural systems.

"70% of all GHG emissions are generated through material handling and use."

CEG report 2021

etsaW Ventures focus has a positive impact on the following UN sustainable development goals:

We repurpose waste.
We reduce toxic processes.
We create planet positive materials.
We reduce carbon emissions.

We are catalysts of circularity.

If you would like to understand and discuss further specifics of our innovations aligning with the above SDGs, please contact us.