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Generating game-changing impact at speed.

We seek, activate and scale technology and innovation that ignites circularity at pace, for maximum financial return and impact. Our ventures are a blend of self-build internal technologies and external partnerships.

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Waste Extraction Technology

The winners of tomorrow will understand how to extract and process real value from waste, at speed and at scale. Current extraction technologies are limited and toxic. We are building new patentable technology-driven processes that enable the extraction of valuable resources from underutilised waste streams with greater efficiency creating more value and less harm.

etsaW Ventures has launched Salvortech, a climate tech company working on sustainable and circular material extraction in the marine bio sector. It is developing novel, sustainable, AI-enabled manufacturing extraction processes, initially in the Scottish marine and aquaculture processing ecosystem. The aim is to produce high value feedstocks from low value marine by-products.

Complex Composites

Uplift360 is a technology materials circularity company providing research and development on sustainability in the defence and security sectors.

The team of specialists in material science, defence and circular economics support various defence organisations, working with them to reach Net Zero, building supply chain resilience, addressing material and resource security, and assisting the adoption of circularity, reducing long-term waste and costs.  

etsaW Ventures owns 15% of Uplift 360 Ltd and has a board seat. Within 1 yr of our involvement Uplift have raised +£1m from UK and EU grants and currently raising seed funds.

AI Process Acceleration

Finding alternatives to fossil-fuel materials takes time, energy, and effort that the world doesn’t have. We are working with strategic and technical partners advancing AI technology that accelerates the development of extraction techniques and novel materials by significantly reducing current R&D timeframes. The innovation includes AI generative learning to develop novel formulations based on holistic design criteria; and active learning to run high-throughput materials synthesis and testing.

etsaW Ventures is currently working with technical partners to explore commercial angles.

Novel Materials

MarinaTex is a home compostable material alternative to plastic films made from marine benign and waste ingredients. From single-use packaging and coatings, this versatile material has massive potential to disrupt our plastic usage – for the better. Its organic formula does not leach harmful chemicals and can be consumed, causing no harm to wildlife or humans.

etsaW Ventures owns 20% of Marinatex Ltd and has a board seat. Within yr 1of etsaW our involvement, MarinaTex secured a £100k IUK investment for material development, expanded the technical team and established a new studio space.

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